Genevieve Cutts – Studio session

Genevieve Cutts – Studio session

Genevieve Cutts – Studio session

I have wanted to work with Genevieve for a while after seeing work done with her by my good friend Hiram Chee. Hiram and I have become great friends and have done several shoots sharing models and finding great places to work.

Most of our previous work together has been on-location and outdoors along the norther california coast.

Hiram and I had talked about doing some studio work at our studio in the Bay Area for quite some time and he made it all happen. I must give Genevieve the most credit for her awesome ideas and ample wardrobe selection. Her idea for using the lace fabric wrap was the best. She also was a tireless model and worked all day with few breaks. Hiram and I would switch off and shoot different setups all day long. I am quite sure Gen must have crashed on their ride back home! Rule number 1? Have a great subject to photograph and the rest is easy!

Anyway… onto some of the results. I am still going through the images, but these are my favs from editing so far. I really look forward to working with Gen again sometime soon.







  1. by Steve Watkins on December 5, 2012  12:41 pm Reply

    Hi Eric, I loved what I saw you create out of this collaboration; the first shot is my favorite! Keep having fun! ;<)


  2. by wilfredo on November 30, 2012  1:35 pm Reply

    nice work my've come along the simplicity of these image..kudos.

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