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One size fits all? It doesn’t work in anything else in life, neither does it work for photography. We price our work depending on what you need in the end and what is involved in making that happen, whether is is simple shots on white for online sales, or iconic images of your people or products.

What we do:

We specialize in photography and video of products and people, both in the studio or on-location. Attention to detail and listening to you and what your needs are is very important to us, so that you get the best imagery for your budget.

Precision masking of very complex and/or transparent objects from the background.

Our transparency masking technique is unique in that it allows for adjustment of the amount of “see-thru” that transparent objects have. This allows for a background image to show through and the amount of opacity to be adjusted, to your requirements, after the fact.

We are very security conscious! All processing and retouching of files occurs in-house, protecting your product images and proprietary designs from theft or piracy. We do not ship files overseas or to outside retouchers, unless that is something you require. Files are delivered via secure FTP. No one else is going to see your products before you want them to be seen. We sign NDA’s all the time and are very conscious of your product line being secure from corporate theft.

Micro-macro work using medium format equipment is one specialty of ours. We have photographed objects as small at 1/4 inch square and produced hi-resolution, very detailed images of very small items. Our focus stacking equipment and related software allows for sharp images at very shallow depths of field.

SF Bay Area Studio Facility:

We have a 1000 sq. ft. studio located in Dublin, California, a short 45 min. drive from Downtown San Francisco and a short walk from the Dublin BART Station. Why be stuck in SF when you can enjoy a relaxed reverse commute in the Valley? Parking? Right outside the studio door! Stoneridge Mall – 2 miles away.  San Francisco Outlets – 5 miles away, all kinds of stores within a mile or two for that one prop or piece of clothing you forgot to bring for the shoot.

Why the name Studio 52? You’ll have to come in and we’ll tell you the story…

“Love what you do and do what you love”

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Partial Client list:

Japonesque Cosmetics – Yield Engineering Systems – Omron-Adept – Hydrogen Advertising – Spectra Laboratories – Enovity – Matthews Design Group – Agilent/Keysight Technologies – Gatan Inc. – GBO Technologies – Bard Medical – Endo Gastric Solutions – Providence Medical Solutions – Penumbra, Inc. – Spiracur – Benvenue Medical – Regal Art and Gift – Runquist Wines – Twenty 20 Marketing – Encore Glass – Thermo Fisher Scientific – Kimball Young/Aptations – Table Topics – EzClone – Zero Waste Energy – Materion – Mowat, Mackie and Anderson – Wall and Ceiling Association – Noble designs – Mangrove Scarves – Haussmann Natural Stone – SoundEscapes – Full Spectrum Analytics – Drexal University – Gem Lust – Augusta Lee Collins – Bella Mama – Lazarex Foundation – AnewAmerica – Croumbles – Masterpiece Cookies – Laguna Electric – Rapid Leap – Crucial Foods, INC – Global Bionic Optics/GBP Technology – M3D Experiences -Printing Impressions – Sailing Fearless Charters – Switch Lighting Co. – Thompson and Depretis -Delanoy Art – Pantaleo Consulting – Cleanpart – Harts Fabrics…




  1. by Jennifer Moncada on April 12, 2018  8:50 am Reply

    I live in Dublin and sell stationery and paper products online. I would like to get a few photos that I can use on my website homepage and as a header for my etsy business.
    Jennifer Moncada

    • by Eric Muetterties on September 25, 2018  10:50 am Reply

      Hi Jennifer,
      Sorry, I just saw this! Best way to contact me is through email of phone.

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