Sanderling – French Parfum

Sanderling – French Parfum

I occasionally do projects to brush up on my technique in product photography.  Last year I did a bottle of Versace perfume and made a nice large print for Marina at Fine Perfumes MK in the Stoneridge Mall. Marina had been gracious enough to let me buy a bottle and return it. I had a particular bottle in mind and it was Versace Bright Crystal.

So Kathi & I went by there last weekend and she had my print still on the wall. I asked if she still liked it and she said she needs to keep Versace Bright Crystal in stock because of so many asking for it after seeing the photo.

For someone who shoots advertising work , I loved to hear that ☺

So I asked her what she would like me to shoot this year. It turns out she imports a few perfumes by Yves de Sistelle so I picked a couple of their perfumes. The concept was to show it very cleanly and simply with few props. A jewelry box, some pearls and a couple tickets to a Paris opera made the grade and this was the end result. Hope it sells a lot of perfume! Tell her I sent you.

Sanderling - French Parfum - Eric Muetterties Photography


The setup is very simple and one light was sufficient to light it up. Thanks to Kathi for helping with props and advising on styling and layout.

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