Eggs – Make it fun!

The parameters for this shoot were to include a utensil and to show eggs in a fun way. Working within the layout was mandatory as the text could not be moved.

The concept I had was to use a complementary background, I choose yellow for something bright, that would go with the eggs theme and also give a nice contemporary look.

After I had my initial concept done (top image) I decided to make it fun and called a few local feed stores to see if I could “borrow” a chick or two for a short while. It turns out that they are not allowed to “loan” them and take them back later. It might be a health law that prohibits this, but both stores I called said the same thing.

However,  Alamo Hay & Grain said “sure you can come here and shoot”.

So I loaded up the strobe, softbox, camera stand, table and the rest and headed for Alamo. I knew I could repeat the background color and exposure so I could drop the chicks into the original layout. Plus I had a shot without the spatula to have the room for the little rascals. The owner was very gracious and (it turned out) was interested in getting photos of his racing pigeons someday. Who knew it might turn into more work ☺!

So without further adieu…


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