Guru Mann Revisited

Guru Mann Revisited

Guru Mann Revisited

Guru Mann is an Indian fitness trainer located in the San Francisco Bay Area. He and I had done a couple shoots previously and he called and said he was ready again. And when he means “ready” he is very serious. When people are getting ready for this type of shot they eat a very strict diet for weeks and then the last part deplete their water to show more definition in the muscles. Dedication is a word they know well!

My goal is always to highlight their hard work, but still show their personality and keep them recognizable. Shadows and hard light work the best, but you want some facial features to show and that is where positioning and light placement are so very important. Though the shots may look simple we used 5 lights to get the final effect. These is no Photoshop work on these other than B&W conversion on some.

Here are a few images from the shoot.

07.11.13 Guru Mann-17


07.11.13 Guru Mann-41


07.11.13 Guru Mann-22


07.11.13 Guru Mann-51


07.11.13 Guru Mann-72


07.11.13 Guru Mann-78



07.11.13 Guru Mann-196


07.11.13 Guru Mann-165

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