Jelly Belly candy is one of my favs ☺

I thought I would do a series on Jelly Belly flavors. Be kinda cool to see a national campaign like this and be the one shooting it.

Anyway, I love these candies too much. Even worse when you find the single flavors that you love. I was surprised that I had some trouble finding good individual flavor selections in our area. I did find quite a few imitation Jelly Belly beans though. These are all the “real deal”. Enjoy and if you are looking for good selections Safeway’s and the Dreager’s in Danville has a pretty good selection.

Coconut Jelly Belly


Sunkist© Tangerine Jelly Belly


Juicy Pear Jelly Belly


Pink Grapefuit Jelly Belly


Lemon Drop Jelly Belly

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