Alyssa – First outdoor shoot

Alyssa – First outdoor shoot

Alyssa – First outdoor shoot

These are some shots from the second time Alyssa modeled for me. I decided to go to the same spot of a previous shoot with Emily Rose McCloud because I loved working there so much. It is not to far for everyone to get to and provided the uncluttered background that I wanted. Many thanks to Alyssa for modeling when her day job is graphic design ☺ and running her company. She is the creative director and owner of Design Flair. Go HERE to see her work.

Always fun working with people that may not be totally comfortable in front of the camera and getting them to have fun with it. Thanks Alyssa!


02.01.14 Alyssa-1224-Edit


02.01.14 Alyssa-1206


02.01.14 Alyssa-1379-Edit-2


02.01.14 Alyssa-1379-Edit - Color


02.01.14 Alyssa-545


02.01.14 Alyssa-1403-Edit - Color


02.01.14 Alyssa-1412 - Color


02.01.14 Alyssa-1529-Edit-2


02.01.14 Alyssa-1529-Edit - Color

A couple contact sheets…

Alyssa Contact Sheet 1


Alyssa Contact Sheet 2

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