Yulia by the Sea

Yulia by the Sea

Yulia by the Sea

We have worked with model Yulia Zackomornya several times in the past and recently I commented on her Instagram how it would be nice to shoot again sometime. True to form Yulia was totally up for it and the next time she was in San Francisco from LA she stayed over and we had a great shoot. Mostly impromptu, not really planned, but she knew she wanted to be near the water. That day was heavily overcast and we found a nice quiet spot to shoot on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. She wanted to wear her favorite outfit which was fine with me. I really enjoy when we are having fun just shooting and rolling with the way things roll.


09.20.14 Yulia Zackomornya-404-Edit

09.20.14 Yulia Zackomornya-423-Edit

09.20.14 Yulia Zackomornya-429

09.20.14 Yulia Zackomornya-489-Edit

09.20.14 Yulia Zackomornya-642-Edit

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