Cell Phone Ad

The headline for the Ad is:
“Staying In Touch With The Ones You Love Just Got Easier”

The photograph will be a full bleed image and the type will be set on the left side.

The age range of the subject can vary… three different brochures are being prepared… one for seniors, one for younger than seniors and one for teens/early 20’s. IF you cannot find a model that will fit, you can use anyone younger. You are only being hired to do the age range that you are doing… do NOT think you have to do all three age ranges.

Now… the specs of the brochure:
Vertical brochure and POP are based on the relationship of 7:3 – that is, the image is 7 units tall and 3 units wide. 7″ by 3″ or 7′ by 3′ or 21″ by 9″…
Tall and narrow.

It is being used for a local communications company and they want an exclusive use on the image for two years. The image “may” be used on their website. The AD just told you that they are looking at a print run of 25,000 brochures, and 100 POP display cards.

First 3 images were shot with sunlight only during the afternoon shoot:

02.20.11 Assignment 7 Shoot 2-144-Edit.jpg
02.20.11 Assignment 7 Shoot 2-133-Edit.jpg
02.20.11 Assignment 7 Shoot 2-167-Edit.jpg

The last 3 images are from the morning shoot. No compositing done in Photoshop these are real photos.

02.20.11 Assignment 7-58-Edit.jpg
02.20.11 Assignment 7-14-Edit.jpg
02.20.11 Assignment 7-175-Edit.jpg
02.20.11 Assignment 7-147-Edit.jpg

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