Emily Rose McCloud – The Fashion Queen

Emily Rose McCloud – The Fashion Queen

Emily Rose McCloud – The Fashion Queen

We did a shoot with Emily recently for her new fashion blog website. She is an amazingly successful fashion blogger and has 309,000+ followers on Instagram! Here is her Instagram Link The Fashion Queen

And her new website: Emily Rose McCloud

The idea was to just head to the studio with some fun clothes from her closet that Kathi and her picked out prior to the shoot. The theme was “Emily’s Closet”. Originally we were going to shoot “in” her closet, but… so much stuff it wasn’t really a great idea ☺ She has a LOT of clothes!

In the end we had such a fun time. Emily has such a great personality and she is a pleasure to shoot with. Here are some of the shots we got along with the banner she ended up with for her blog.


06.12.14 Emily-391-Edit-Edit

06.12.14 Emily-391-Edit-2-Edit

06.12.14 Emily-366-Edit-Edit-2

06.12.14 Emily-319-Edit-Edit


06.12.14 Emily-563-Edit-Edit

06.12.14 Emily-528-Edit-Edit

  A few contact sheets from the shoot.

Emily Look 2 Framed



Emily Look 1 Framed





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