Izzy – Inspired by Watson’s Memoirs of a Geisha image

As part of a personal project that is trying to define my style and incorporate my influences I came up with this project. My photographer friend Hiram graciously loaned his 14 year old daughter Izzy as a model. Part of the inspiration comes from Watson’s iconic “Geisha” image. This is my style acknowledging the influence of Albert Watson and many many others on my work.

This would not have happened without the wonderful collaboration of Susan Schrimpf (Makeup) and Liz Bliss (Hair) who both work at Jerol Salon in Danville. Time was of the essence and we decided that we would need to do it on a Sunday. Liz came up with a wonderful Kimono (and knew how to put it on ☺), Altogether, we had a great time, even though Izzy was very tired. She was a trooper and I look forward to seeing things she does on the future. Her mom Akemi was kind enough to drive her up from Sant Cruz for the 11AM start time.

Here are a few of my favs from the shoot.


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