Project 24 has come to fruition!

Project 24 has come to fruition!

Project 24 has come to fruition!

Project 24 was a Kickstarter project started by Paul Lucia. The concept was to have 24 photographers photograph 24 locations in San Francisco over the 24 hours of the winter solstice, or longest day of the year. I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the participating photographers. So yesterday, one year later, we had our showing at the Academy or Art in San Francisco. The concept of 24 hours, 24 photographers and 24 images from 24 different locations was really cool. It was an amazing thing to see how we each found truth in the areas we were assigned.

The area and hour to shoot were assigned by a lottery drawing, and we also rolled the dice to see if we got B&W film or color digital as a medium. A further requirement was that images could not be manipulated other than cropping. You shot what you shot – you got what you got.

Many contributed to getting the project completed;

Edite Haberman did the logo, Paul Kuroda did the book layout and did a beautiful job, LightSource did the printing and handed them over to Michael Thompson FramesTheo Slavin will be designing the smaller book. Genevieve Shiffrar wrote the press release… and many others, too numerous to name, helped with all the details of making all this happen and opening the exhibition. We had a mention by 7 x 7 magazine and Channel 2 came out to document the opening. It was a privilege and an honor to be a part of this! Other Sponsors; Sintak Studio,  Swan Photo Labs,  The Darkroom

Project 24 Photographers and links to their sites (as I get all their links):

Edite Haberman           Genevieve Shiffrar          Paul Lucia           J. Michael Tucker          Nicolo Sertorio       Heather Hryciw        Sarah Rice        Glenn Steiner        Carol Carccionne        Michael O’Callahan        Bowman Leong        Daren Heldstab    Lucas Fladzinski      Audrey Penven

Following is a gallery of my 24 images, including the main image and the collage of the other 23. Click any image for a larger size.

Roll 4-10-Edit


Roll 3-37-Edit-Edit


Roll 3-37-Edit


Roll 3-20-Edit


Roll 3-35-Edit


Roll 3-14-Edit




Roll 4-13-Edit


Roll 3-3-Edit




Roll 4-28-Edit


Roll 4-35-Edit


Roll 2-26-Edit


Roll 2-15-Edit


Roll 1-8-Edit


Roll 3-4-Edit


Roll 4-30-Edit


Roll 1-18-Edit


Roll 3-5-Edit


Roll 1-20-Edit


Roll 1-16-Edit


Roll 4-31-Edit


Roll 3-16-Edit


Roll 3-27-Edit


Roll 2-20-Edit


Roll 4-3-Edit


Roll 2-36-Edit



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