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 Now for my adventure!

This was a tough assignment for me! More from frustration than anything else. When Don first gave it I had some great ideas in mind.

The big lesson from this assignment, for me, was that things don’t always work out as planned ☺


I am quite familiar with the seamier sides of Oakland, including some of the better graffitti locations. When Chris said he wanted to do some pics I immediately thought of the “Old Yard” near 29th Ave. rail yards. This area, (most of which is behind a locked gate inside a pay for storage yard) has been known for years amonst graffitti artists as a legendary spot. Though the scene there is always changing it always has some interesting backgrounds and is moderately (Hmmm… yeah…) safe to be at during the daylight hours…

My vision for the graffitti shots was to create an image with a darker quality to it and to use a stobe and fast shutter speed to pull it off. Speedlight was snooted to flag off the backround a bit and handheld (forgot a pole or a stand) my my wife.

The sunset shot at the top of the page was shot on the way home. We were tired from a busy day running all over, but as we got back to Dublin Chris said he was up for another shoot. I had various places in mind, but realized the sun was almost down and it might be a good sunset.

Graffitti Area:
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Chris’  Bio:
“Chris Keyes grew up in the SF Bay Area and at 16 moved to Portland, Oregon, where he lived for a couple years. He has been living in the Denver, Colorado area now for about 2 years. His interest in music has varied from playing drums and guitar, into rap music and producing. Along with his rapping and producing he has ventured into graphic design and marketing. He has been bringing professional marketing strategies, online sales and marketing & professional graphic design to the websites of many of his fellow artists. His influence on the burgeoning Denver rap scene and has brought this genre some respect from other similar scenes in the country today.”

FULL grafitti image w/o crop:Shot at 3PM on a sunny afternoon. Handheld SB900 strobe camera right. Sped up shutter for the dark look.

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