Ahhh…. Chocolate! and also getting caught up with assignments after a busy crazy couple weeks !!!

My wife and I collaborated on this. I love having an Art Director! We would imagine text on it reading like “February is the Month of Love & Chocolate”

Here is the final photo:
02.11.11 Chocolate-40-Edit.jpg

Here were the assignment particulars:
A local restaurant has decided to run a special on chocolate on their menu for the next month. They need something that says, no – SCREAMS Chocolate!!! People or still life or cute little furry animals or fish… … well… probably not fish… but you get the idea.

Chocolate… and they are featuring chocolate candies, pie, cake, ice cream, and specialties. Chocolate.

It’s that simple… and that hard.

Oh, and the finished art work is a square… that is predetermined by their menu, so no options there. Final image is to be a SQUARE.

There may be type on it, but that is not an issue now… just make the shot so freekin’ chocolaty that we feel a need to brush after looking at it.

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