Versace Perfume

Several weeks ago I did an assignment for Project 52, which was to be a shot of a perfume bottle.

Turns out that getting even an empty perfume bottle without buying one is not easy. The mall stores would not give me an empty tester and Kathi does not use perfume. I had looked at quite a few different bottles and originally had an idea for another bottle, but it was about $175 a bottle and I could not bring myself to throw away that much money.

So Kathi and I wandered around the Stoneridge Mall and found a small store called “Fine Perfumes MK”. I ended up choosing a Versace perfume bottle that I thought would fit a concept of a bottle that would glow.

Marina, the manager, listened to what our project was and said she would sell us one and we could bring it back when done, if we did not ruin the packaging or use the perfume. In return, I said I would bring her a large size print in return for her kindness.

…in the meantime I am in the middle of remodeling the new space for our studio and working 7 days a week doing construction and really getting worn-out. The day the assignment was due I was very very tempted to forget about it. However, I had the idea of what it would look like so burned into my brain that I HAD to shoot it. The Wednesday night online critique by Don Giannatti starts at 6:30 and it is 6PM when I get home…

…Here is what I came up with including some post-processing:

…just goes to show that we must follow our passion every day.

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